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Fast Takes
Judge Torpedoes Lipitor Whistle Blower Suit
Embattled Valeant doesn't 'need to sell anything,' new CEO says
Fierce Pharma
Why Did Valeant Obscure Relationship With Phildor Rather Than Just Buy It?
Motley Fool
Novartis faces new challenges as top executives leave
BioPharma Dive
UCB faces U.S. patent challenge for epilepsy drug Vimpat (lacosamide)
INVOKAMET® (canagliflozin/metformin) Gets Indication For First Line
JNJ Press Release

5/25 Novo: FDA Panel Votes 16:0 To Green Light Insulin/GLP1 Combo Shot
U.S. FDA panel recommends approval of Novo Nordisk diabetes drug … first two products with different mechanisms of action in a single, fixed-ratio combination injection … Clinical trials showed the drug helped patients control their blood sugar and did so with one injection rather than two …[Reuters]
See Also: EU Label …[]

5/25 FDA's Split The Baby Situation - Duchenne Drug Decision This Week
- Emotional pleas versus the experts voted it down based on science; who prevails?
- Politicians join fray
Senators urge FDA to approve Sarepta drug for Duchenne … senators argued that the way the FDA framed the questions may have made it more difficult for some of the panel members to vote in favor of the drug …[Pharmalot]
Debate over Duchenne drug hits fever pitch as D-day approaches …  If this drug is approved--on the skimpiest, most pathetic data I've ever seen--then it is going to set a precedent that is very uncomfortable …[Fierce Biotech]

5/25 Lilly Claims It Has Potential To Launch 20 New Products
CEO Lechleiter says Lilly in 'most prolific period of new launches' … would rank among the most productive periods for Lilly since the company was founded in 1876 …  slew of new products, primarily in five areas: diabetes, cancer, immunology, neurodegeneration (such as Alzheimer's disease) and pain …[Indianapolis Business Journal]

5/25 Penicillin Shortage Could Be A Problem For People With Syphilis
Penicillin Shortage Could Be A Problem For People With Syphilis … Pfizer, the company that supplies it, says it's experiencing "an unanticipated manufacturing delay," and in a letter to consumers wrote that it would be providing just one-third of the usual monthly demand until July … [NPR]

Glaxo Study Claims Its COPD Drug (fluticasone furoate and vilanterol) Trumps Standard Treatment
- Known as Breo in USA; Data could differentiate it from raft of competition
GSK lung drug succeeds in big UK study, after earlier miss … [Reuters]
COPD Patients Treated With Relvar® Ellipta® Achieve Superior Reduction in Exacerbations Compared to 'Usual Care' … superior reduction in exacerbations versus usual care, in patients with COPD … included long-acting muscarinic antagonists (LAMA), long-acting beta2-agonists (LABA), and inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) administered as monotherapy, dual or triple combinations …[GSK Press Release]
FYI: In 2015, Breo failed to prolong life in patients with chronic respiratory disease in a high-stakes clinical trial.

Fast Takes
Samsung Targets U.S. Drug Market With Remicade Knockoff
Mylan Launches First Generic Doryx® Delayed-Release Tablets, 200 mg
Mylan Press Release
Oramed's oral insulin shines in mid-stage trials
Biopharma Dive
Hikma wins dismissal of Takeda patent lawsuit over gout drug
Colombia Threatens to Override Novartis's Patent on Gleevec
First Word
Biotech: The Next Pricing Controversy?
CVS Pharmacy Announces Arrival of Digital Receipts for Customers

Sanofi Shuffles Executives In Midst Of Diabetes Slump
- Diabetes exec who reined during diabetes franchise slump, Afrezza flop to leave
Sanofi revamps top management, chief diabetes exec to leave …  continuing purge of everybody who had a hand in the old days" of the diabetes team … comes five months after Pascale Witz was shifted to run the all-important diabetes portfolio, as well as the cardiovascular … [Reuters]

Sanofi: FDA Staffers Scratch Heads Over Insulin + GLP1 Fixed Combo Jab
FDA frets over the safety of Sanofi's diabetes combo … possibility that the final trial data were biased by inadequate dosing of insulin … [certain patients] could be exposed to one component that provides no therapeutic benefit and causes specific adverse reactions …[Fierce Pharma]
FDA Staff Questions Usefulness of Sanofi's Diabetes Drug Combo … Agency staff raises concerns about clinical trial design … Advisory panel meets Wednesday to vote on diabetes treatment … design of the pen used to deliver the treatment could lead to dosing errors …[Bloomberg]
See Also: Click Here to read actual FDA briefing document cited above

Former Warner Chilcott Exec Goes To Trial On Criminal Charges, Prison Poss
- Feds claim variety of bribe-like tactics used to propel sales
- One of the few times an exec is charged, faces jail time
Former pharma exec headed to trial on kickback allegations … one of the relatively few instances in which federal prosecutors have sought to hold a high-ranking executive from a drug maker accountable … emphasis on individuals also emerges after a drop-off in the number of settlements that the Justice Department has reached with drug makers for illegal activities …[Pharmalot]
Feds arrest, charge ex-Warner Chilcott sales execs …inviting them to dinners or paying for their parties … If the "speakers" let their Warner Chilcott script numbers slip, they were cut off from speaking …[Fierce Pharma]

Cardiology  Guidelines Add Entresto To List Of Drugs For Heart Failure
Struggling Novartis heart drug boosted by new medical guidelines … heart experts gave the highest "class 1" recommendation to Entresto … lack of specific guidelines from professional bodies until now will have contributed to reticence among some doctors to prescribe Entresto …[Reuters]

5/24 JNJ Seeks Approval For Ketamine Based Antidepressant
'Party Drug' Could Be Johnson & Johnson's Entry Into Antidepressant Market … advantage of esketamine and other ketamine-based drugs are their quick action. Current antidepressives usually take days or weeks to produce noticeable effects, while ketamine versions can work within hours …[NASDAQ]

Fast Takes
F.D.A. Delays Rule on Generic Drug Labels
NY Times
NICE rejects Roche's breast cancer drug Perjeta due to cost versus efficacy issue
Pharma Times
How Companies Keep Drug Prices Sky-High
Bloomberg; Video

Herceptin Lawsuit: Genentech Underfilled Vials To Squeeze Extra Profit
- Genentech e-mail explains source of "confusion"
Genentech accused again of cheating health care providers … accusing Genentech of fudging the amount of the Herceptin medicine that the company provides in each vial, causing the facility and many other hospitals to overpay for the pricey treatment …[Pharmalot]
See Also: Internal Genentech e-mail  "...After internal discussion in 1996, it was decided to round down the concentration in the insert to the nearest whole number rather than round up to a concentration we in fact do not achieve …"

Opioid Prescriptions Drop for First Time in Two Decades
Opioid Prescriptions Drop for First Time in Two Decades … 12 percent decline in opioid prescriptions nationally since a peak in 2012. Another data company, Symphony Health Solutions, reported a drop of about 18 percent  …[NY Times]

Novartis Unveils Tactic To Justift Entresto (sacubitril/valsartan) High Price
- Hopes to differentiate Entresto from dirt cheap older therapies with new data
Novartis pushes the accelerator with new Entresto trials … attributed the phenomenon to 'step -edits' imposed by US payers  … unveiled a major clinical trial programme for Entresto as it tries to kick-start sales of the heart failure drug … [PM Live]

China: Surprise Price Controls Wallop GSK, Astra
- Two Cancer drugs from Astra, Hepatitis treatment from GSK
China slashes GSK, AstraZeneca drug prices in cost-cutting drive … price cuts of up to two-thirds for three expensive drugs on Friday … Viread would fall to 490 yuan ($75) a month from 1,500 …[Reuters]

FDA Staffers Telegraph Mixed Message Regarding Tresiba/Victoza Fixed Combo Jab
- Hint submission trial dosing protocol designed to make combo appear more effective
FDA staff question utility, trials of Novo Nordisk diabetes drug … allows for lower doses of liraglutide than have been proven efficacious while incurring safety risks associated with liraglutide use …
FDA staffers air concerns over Novo's Victoza-Tresiba combo … we are not able to conclude that IDegLira is superior to IDeg, as the Applicant has concluded. To reach such a conclusion, a trial in which both arms were dosed and titrated in a maximally effective and balanced manner …[Fierce ]
See Also: FDA Briefing Document  … reduction in hypoglycemia stems from their definition, which substantially differs  from that recommended by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) …  non-inferiority conclusion of IDegLira to insulin degludec does not inform whether liraglutide (or even insulin degludec) contributes to the effectiveness of IDegLira … [FDA Briefing Document; P. 91]

Forbes Report Characterizes Homeopathy As Scam
- Legal loophole means untested preparations can make drug-like claims
- Ground up bees because bee stings provoke immunology response?
Allergy Sufferers Beware: These Eyedrops Are A Scam … free pass on regulation, thanks to Congress. Homeopaths will tell you that their drugs are regulated by the FDA … In other words, they've never presented any evidence that these things actually work … [Forbes]

Valeant-Like Company That Stayed Under Radar
The Other Canadian Drug Company That Has Pushed Up Drug Prices … Donnatal, which has seen its price rise by 800% since 2010 … boosted the price of eyedrops for bacterial conjunctivitis 14-fold since May 2013 … [Forbes]

5/20 Bloomberg Takes a Deep Dive into How Patient Assistance Charities Work
How Big Pharma Uses Charity Programs to Cover for Drug Price Hikes .... A million-dollar contribution from a pharmaceutical company to a copay charity can keep hundreds of patients from abandoning a newly pricey drug, enabling the donor to collect many millions from Medicare .... Bloomberg

5/20 40-Plus New Trials to Support Entresto Effectiveness and New Indications
Novartis launches new Entresto trials in bid to boost sales .... The new program, called "Fortifying Heart Failure Clinical Evidence and Patient Quality of Life" or "FortiHFy", will include 40-plus trials in 50 countries over five years. .... Reuters

5/20 First CAR T Therapies Could Be on the Market in 2017
Will These Game-Changing Cancer Treatments Hit the Market in 2016? .... As it stands now, Kite Pharma, Juno Therapeutics, and Novartis are leading the race to bring the first FDA-approved CAR T cell therapy to market. Specifically, Kite is on track to report top-line data from an ongoing mid-stage study assessing KTE-C19 in aggressive non-Hodgkin lymphoma patients before year's end, putting a possible regulatory filing in play by 2017 .... Motley Fool

5/20 FDA Says Use Oral Ketoconazole for Serious Fungal Infections Only, When There Are No Alternatives
Death Risk With Off-Label Oral Ketoconazole Use, FDA Warns The FDA is warning clinicians against the off-label prescribing of ketoconazole tablets (Nizoral, Janssen Pharmaceuticals) to treat skin and nail fungal infections because the risk for serious liver damage and death outweighs the benefits. .... Medscape

5/20 Bayer–Monsanto Deal?
Bayer Confirms Merger Discussions With Agriculture Giant Monsanto A takeover would further diversify Bayer -- best known among consumers for healthcare products like Asprin, Alka-Seltzer, Claritin, Copportone Sunscreen and Xarelto -- a into an agricultural powerhouse .... Forbes/Antoine Gara

5/20 The CETP Story -- Billion Dollar Bets that Didn't Pan Out
Why a drug that lowers cholesterol doesn't save lives The CETP story reveals the frequent -- and often disappointing -- lack of agreement between so-called surrogate markers -- changes in cholesterol -- and real-life benefits such as fewer heart attacks and strokes .... Stat

5/20 Most Costly Medical Conditions
In 2013, US Spent More On Mental Disorders Than On Any Other Medical Condition In 2013, $201 billion was spent on mental disorders -- more than on any other medical condition...Next in order were heart conditions, trauma, and cancer .... Health Affairs

5/20 Report Proposes Market-Entry Rewards to Boost Antibiotic Development
The Plan to Avert Our Post-Antibiotic Apocalypse A new report estimates that by 2050, drug-resistant infections will kill one person every three seconds, unless the world's governments take drastic steps now. .... The Atlantic

5/20 Ibrance Shows 14 Month Gain in PFS
Pfizer's Ibrance delays breast cancer progression Patients who received the Ibrance combination on average went 24.8 months before the disease began to worsen. That compared with 14.5 months for women who received letrozole and a placebo .... Reuters

5/20 Pooled Study Boosts Precision Medicine
Precision medicine approach to cancer improves on older methods Researchers found that tumors in patients who received targeted treatments had shrinkage rates of 30.6 percent, compared with 4.9 percent in those who did not. Patients treated with a precision medicine approach also had a longer time before the disease worsened, with median progression-free survival of 5.7 months compared with 2.95 months for those who were not .... Reuters

5/20 Internet Drug News Fast Takes:
The best states--and cities--to practice medicine, according to Medscape
Advisory Board Daily Briefing
Actions by Congress on Opioids Haven't Included Limiting Them
NY Times
4 behaviors that may cut the risk of cancer by 30 percent
Theranos' Last Defense Crumbles
Forbes/Matthew Herper
Why Does the FDA Care About Kratom?
The Fix

5/19 Lyrica Linked to Birth Defects in Study
Drug used for pain, anxiety may be linked to birth defects .... Seven of the 116 pregnancies in women taking anti-seizure drugs, or 6 percent, had major birth defects, compared to 12 of 580 pregnancies, or 2 percent, in women who did not take the drug .... American Academy of Neurology

5/19 Lynparza Not Successful for Gastric Cancer
AstraZeneca's Lynparza Doesn't Improve Gastric Cancer Survival .... There was a difference between patients who took the medicine combined with a form of chemotherapy called paclitaxel and those who took the chemotherapy alone, but it wasn't statistically significant .... Bloomberg

5/19 A Retail Pharmacy You Never Have to Visit Brings Your Prescription to Your Door
A New Kind of Pharmacy Is Hitting New York City With Delivery Included .... Capsule is available via smartphone app that connects directly to your doctor and then delivers your medicines to you via messenger, either at work or at home when the time is convenient for you .... Fortune
Direct link: Capsule

5/19 Rayos Moves Marketing to Patient Waiting Rooms; Claims 14-1 Return on Investment
Horizon targets points of care to triumph over generic RA rivals .... The idea: Go into practices called on by Horizon reps--where physicians already know about the drugs and have samples and copay cards on hand--and deliver a solution-oriented message to patients in the waiting room .... Fierce Pharma

5/19 Tecentriq Approved for Bladder Cancer; $12,500/Month; Includes Companion Diagnostic
FDA Approves Roche Immunotherapy for Bladder Cancer .... Tecentriq--also known as atezolizumab--is the first product in its class to get U.S. regulatory approval to treat advanced cases of a common type of bladder cancer called urothelial carcinoma. .... Reuters

5/19 Pundit Says Eteplirsen Adcom Was Stacked Against Approval
Sarepta's AdCom Needs FDA's Permission To Speak Freely .... On April 25, 2016, an FDA Advisory Committee (AdCom) voted against accelerated approval for eteplirsen. However, the panel was given instructions that are inconsistent with those used for other drugs, and the wording of the voting questions may have led two panelists to incorrectly ignore evidence provided by patients, parents, and experts in Duchenne .... Forbes/Ken Kam

5/19 Dramatically Successful Keytruda Results Coming at ASCO
Cancer Drug Keytruda Keeps Some Patients Alive For 3 Years .... New data about to be released at ASCO shows that 40 percent of the patients who have been taking the drug are still alive three years later. That compares to about 5 percent of patients given the standard therapy, interleukin .... NBC News

5/19 With Valeant on the Ropes, Drug Price Inflation Eases
Drug price increases lower so far in 2016 .... Pharma raised list prices on average by 5% through April 2016, compared to 7.8% for the same period a year ago. Valeant's "significant change in pricing behavior" was a key factor behind this change .... Fierce Pharma

5/19 Merck KGaA Loses Patent Based on Prior Offer to Sell Ingredient
How a Fax Caused the Federal Circuit to Invalidate a Patent for Two Bayer Oral Contraceptives .... The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit on Friday ruled that a Merck KGaA patent--linked to two of Bayer's oral contraceptives, Safyral and Beyaz--is invalid because ingredients in the drug were offered for sale before the filing of the patent .... Regulatory Focus

5/19 AZN Chief: "In the past, we've had too much stability"
Pascal Soriot's big experiment: reinventing AstraZeneca .... "We had people who never moved and turnover of 1 or 2 percent. That might sound good but it's actually not, because you don't have new ideas flowing through the place." (AstraZeneca Chief Executive Pascal Soriot) .... Reuters

5/19 Internet Drug News Fast Takes:
Is High Prescription Drug Spending Becoming Our New Normal?
Health Affairs
Cosmetics Can't Claim They Lighten, Plump Up Skin, FDA Says
NBC News
Oramed says oral insulin succeeds in midstage type 2 diabetes trial
Amgen Researchers Find Heart Attack Gene
Forbes/Matthew Herper
Life-extending benefits of liver cancer drug Sorafenib not realistic for many patients
Medical Xpress

5/18 Shake-Up at Novartis
Novartis Splits Up Drug Unit as Top Executive Will Depart .... Novartis will reorganize its operations to create separate units for cancer and for other drugs, underscoring the Swiss company's focus on oncology following the purchase of assets last year from GSK....head of pharmaceuticals, David Epstein, will leave the company .... Bloomberg

5/18 Huge Yard Sale at Valeant to Keep from Losing the House
Valeant Said to Weigh Sale of Skin, Cancer Drugs to Reduce Debt .... The company is considering the disposal of Obagi Medical Products Inc., a dermatology company it acquired in 2013, as well as Provenge, a treatment for advanced prostate cancer that was purchased last year.... Valeant may also sell Isuprel and Nitropress .... Bloomberg

5/18 CMS Will 'Stay the Course' on Part B
Obama plan to overhaul Medicare Part B is unlikely to get derailed .... CMS "has not backed off its timetable, although some small modification is not out of the question," concluded Evercore ISI analyst Terry Haines. "We think CMS is unlikely to significantly change its timetable because the agency wants to get (the first phase) in place in this presidential administration and CMS believes Congress will not be able to stop it." .... Pharmalot/Stat

5/18 New Biologic for Asthma, Benralizumab, Will Take on Nucala and Cinqair
AstraZeneca set to go head to head against GSK with asthma drug .... AstraZeneca is on track to file its rival benralizumab medicine with US and European regulators in the second half of this year after publishing data which it said showed the product was potentially best-in-class .... Financial Times

5/18 Hit the Gym!
Exercising drives down risk for 13 cancers, research shows .... Exercisers were 42% less likely than those who got little to no exercise to develop esophageal adenocarcinoma. They were 27% less likely to develop liver cancer, 26% less likely to develop lung cancer and 23% less likely to develop kidney cancer. Their rates of gastric cardia and endometrial cancers were 22% and 21% lower, respectively, than were those of non-exercisers .... LA Times

5/18 Opdivo Gets Hodgkin Lymphoma Indication
FDA Grants Accelerated Approval to Nivolumab for Hodgkin Lymphoma .... The decision makes nivolumab the first FDA-approved PD-1 inhibitor for a hematologic malignancy .... Targeted Oncology

5/18 Walmart Building for 'Retailization' of American Health Care
Walmart aims to be 'front door' of U.S. health care .... Walmart's clinics -- which offer acute care for such common conditions as influenza and strep throat, management of prevalent chronic conditions like diabetes and asthma, and preventive health services -- promise meaningful savings to consumers. The fee for a walk-in visit starts at $59 .... Chain Drug Review

5/18 Patent Ruling Could Speed Humira Biosimilar
AbbVie's Patent Dam Springs a Leak .... Coherus is using a process called Inter Partes Review (IPR) to challenge AbbVie's patents. It's been embraced by companies trying to get drug copies on the market faster. AbbVie investors have been closely watching a series of IPR petitions against patents for Humira, which accounts for more than 60 percent of AbbVie's sales .... Bloomberg Gadfly

5/18 A CAR-T Treatment Cured 93% of Pediatric Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Cases, But How Much Will it Cost?
Novartis considers new sales model for experimental cancer therapy .... Novartis plans to use a medical device-like sales model to market its CAR T-cell technology if the experimental cancer treatment receives FDA approval, the head of its gene therapy program said .... MM&M

5/18 The Great Diet Pill Fizzle
Drug makers struggle to revive interest in anti-obesity pills once seen as surefire hits .... Patients who did take the drugs often saw only modest benefits, because some individuals are simply wired to respond better to certain drugs than others. And cost is an issue, as many insurers still aren’t paying for weight loss medications .... Stat

5/18 Internet Drug News Fast Takes:
Overlooked warning signs more accurately predict risk of death
Three Firms Vie to Run Drug Benefits for California Public Retirement System
Kaiser Health News
Oscar asking for rate increases as high as 30 percent
Politico New York
Where Drinking, Drugs and Alzheimer's Are Disproportionately Fatal
Stateline/Pew Charitable Trusts
Magic mushrooms lift severe depression in clinical trial
The Guardian

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