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6/24 Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee OKs First Crispr Trial; FDA Review Still to Come
Crispr Wins Key Approval to Fight Cancer in Human Trials .... Scientist from the University of Pennsylvania want to edit the immune systems of 18 patients to target cancer cells more effectively .... Bloomberg

6/24 State Drug Monitoring Program Will Rank Doctors on "Morphine Milligram Equivalent" Prescribing
West Virginia considers prescriber rankings in fight against opioid abuse .... The state Board of Pharmacy is developing a system that will rank doctors by specialty based on the number of prescriptions they write for pain medications .... Charleston (WV) Gazette-Mail

6/24 Deal for Generic Byetta
AstraZeneca, Teva Resolve Their Patent Row Over Diabetes Product .... AstraZeneca has granted Teva a license to manufacture and commercialize the generic version of Byetta. The settlement gives Teva the green light to commercialize its generic version of the product in the U.S. starting Oct. 15, 2017 .... The Street

6/24 Quantifying the Risk of Heart Attack from Diabetes
Heart attack death increased by more than 50 percent for diabetes patients .... Compared with individuals without diabetes, the team found that those with diabetes were at 56 percent greater risk of death from a STEMI heart attack and at 39 percent greater risk of death from a non-STEMI heart attack .... Medical News Today

6/24 Narcotics Rings Make Higher Profits on Fentanyl than Heroin
The Chinese Connection Fueling America's Fentanyl Crisis .... Traffickers manufacturing fentanyl often purchase the key ingredient from China, which doesn't regulate its sale. .... WSJ$$

6/24 JAMA Study: Entresto a Good Value for the Money; Saves Lives
How to save 28,000 heart patients a year? Use Novartis' Entresto, JAMA says .... Researchers crunched numbers on U.S. heart failure patients and associated spending to show that Entresto is as cost-effective as the standard generic treatment enalapril .... Fierce Pharma

6/24 Spending for Compounded Drugs Up 56% in Past Year
Medicare Part D spending on compounded drugs is skyrocketing .... Between 2006 and 2015, Medicare Part D spending for compounded drugs went from $70 million to $508 million, a 625 percent increase .... Stat/Pharmalot

6/24 Hard Line on Weakening HSAs
Obama would veto bill allowing use of HSAs to purchase over-the-counter drugs .... President Barack Obama says he will veto a bill allowing purchases of over-the-counter medications from health savings accounts. Under current law, drug expenses are eligible only if prescribed by a physician .... Modern Healthcare

6/24 CF Management Recommendation
Early Antibiotic Treatment Can Be Beneficial in Cystic Fibrosis .... Early treatment of Pseudomonas aeruginosa can eradicate bacteria, delay chronic colonization .... HealthDay News

6/24 Getting a Handle on What 'Real-World Evidence' Really Means
New Report Calls on FDA to Clarify Use of Real-World Evidence .... Janet Woodcock, director of FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, told a public workshop on real-world evidence in March that the question on everyone's mind is "can we randomize people within the healthcare system to do a trial inside the healthcare system utilizing the data collection methods of the healthcare system?" .... Regulatory Focus

6/24 Internet Drug News Fast Takes:
Analysis suggests Anthem deal could raise health costs
Experimental immunotherapy drug reduces rare tumour size 'drastically'
ABC Australia
Bill introduced to speed cheaper versions of pricey biologics to market
Huntington's risk genes '10 times more common than previously thought'
Medical News Today
Mergers aren't just for health systems: More physician practices are consolidating, too
Advisory Board Daily Briefing
Filling a prescription? You might be better off paying cash
Kaiser Health News/CNN

6/23 No IPAB This Year; Medicare Spending Below Trigger Point
Drug Stocks Surge After U.S. Says Cost Panel Will Wait Until 2017 .... The IPAB is a 15-member panel that would be appointed by the president and has broad authority to propose cuts to payments made through Medicare. Its proposals could affect drugmakers, biotechnology companies, hospitals and insurers, with some restrictions .... Bloomberg

6/23 FluMist Hasn't Worked for the Past Three Years
Nasal flu vaccine is not working and should not be used this season, expert panel concludes .... The expert panel reviewed numerous studies that found no evidence the vaccine protected people who had the FluMist puffed up their nostrils over the past three flu seasons. The panel, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, wants MedImmune, the manufacturer of the vaccine, to identify the problem with the vaccine and fix it .... Stat

6/23 Sanofi Trying to Sweeten Deal for Medivation
Sanofi Said to Consider Adding Future Payments to Medivation Bid .... Sanofi, the French drugmaker, is considering improving its $9.3 billion takeover offer for Medivation Inc. by committing to making future payments if the U.S. biotech company meets certain targets .... Bloomberg

6/23 11% of Americans Have Abused Opioids at Some Point in Their Lives
Rates of nonmedical prescription opioid use and opioid use disorder double in 10 years .... The number of people who meet the criteria for prescription opioid addiction has substantially increased during this timeframe as well, to 2.1 million adults (0.9 percent of the U.S. adult population) .... NIH/National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

6/23 Non-Opioid Painkillers Neither Cheap Nor Easy
As physicians try to curb opioid usage, patients often can't afford alternatives .... Both alternative painkillers have higher costs than certain opioids: Exparel costs about $300 per dose, and Ofirmev costs about $35 per dose, with most individuals requiring at least four doses. In comparison, the average cost of a Vicodin prescription in the United States in 2015 was $5 .... Advisory Board Daily Briefing

6/23 Tresiba Playing Catch Up with Toujeo
Novo's Tresiba hits the airwaves with new TV campaign .... Last week, new scripts for Tresiba were up week-over-week by 20%, according to Leerink's most recent data, with total scripts amounting to 10,291, a 17.6% hike. Toujeo's total scripts for the same period surpassed 23,000, with 8,924 of those being new prescriptions. .... Fierce Pharma

6/23 BIO Declares War on ICER
New shots fired in drug pricing war .... The decade-old group, called the Institute of Clinical and Economic Review (ICER), has been hailed as a "Consumer Reports" for prescription drugs and is one of the only sources of drug data available to the public. .... The Hill

6/23 Women-Focused Campaigns with Heavy Social Component
Allergan draws on A-list celebs to drive engagement .... Allergan is increasingly calling on celebrity heavyweights to promote its products. In the past year alone, the drugmaker has partnered with TV and stage star Lea Michele, movie star Kate Bosworth, and reality-TV personality Khloé Kardashian. .... MMM&M

6/23 Copaxone Has Broadest Formulary Coverage for MS; Aubagio the Least
Payers keep squeezing MS drugmakers--and they may just take their tactics elsewhere .... The 2016 formularies showed a big drop in overall MS coverage, which sank to 54% from last year's 69%.... Formulary exclusions have also gone up: Of 46 tracked commercial plans, 25 are using the strategy .... Fierce Pharma

6/23 Grand Prix in Pharma Winner
Ogilvy & Mather's 'Breathless choir' wins top pharma prize at Lions Health ....PMLiVE

6/23 Internet Drug News Fast Takes:
U.S. Health Fraud Stings Net 301 People This Year, Most Ever
Higher Earners Face Steep Hikes in Medicare Premiums
Many patients at risk for stroke get wrong medicine
New MigraineX app to forecast barometric-driven migraine triggers
Drug Store News
FDA Pilot Project to Test New Import Communication System
Regulatory Focus

6/22 Need Birth Control? There's an App for That
Birth Control via App Finds Footing Under Political Radar .... A growing assortment of new apps and websites now make it possible to get prescription contraceptives without going to the doctor .... NY Times

6/22 21st Century Cures Act Teeters on the Brink
Landmark effort to speed drug approvals nears critical phase in Congress .... In the next four weeks, the Senate will either reach a compromise on a package to accelerate the approval of new medical cures, and to boost federal research funding, or run out of time and leave the work to the next Congress. .... Stat

6/22 First Zika Vaccine Goes Into Testing
Scientists announce important Zika milestone: First vaccine ready for human trials .... Pennsylvania vaccine maker Inovio Pharmaceuticals and South Korea's GeneOne Life Sciences said Monday that they had received approval from U.S. regulators to start testing a DNA vaccine, known as GLS-5700, on humans .... Washington Post

6/22 States Pushing for 'Open the Kimono' Laws
A new way to cut drug prices? Make Big Pharma show what it spends to bring drugs to market .... Pending legislation in Colorado, New York, Oregon, and Pennsylvania would demand to know a drug's R&D, acquisition, manufacturing, marketing and advertising costs, and the degree to which public grants helped finance the research .... LA Times

6/22 Actos for NASH
Existing diabetes drug shows effectiveness against chronic liver disease .... A three-year clinical trial led by University of Florida Health researcher Kenneth Cusi, M.D., found that the drug pioglitazone is safe and effective in certain patients who have nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, or NASH, a chronic liver disease caused by a buildup of fat .... Science Daily

6/22 Client and Agency Both Happier with Work Done in Streamlined Process
Galderma exec: Skip the market research (sometimes) .... TBWA/WorldHealth worked with Galderma to get rid of the traditional process in which an agency and its client interact in effort to improve the work and make it more efficient and cost-effective. The result was an award-winning campaign that boosted sales .... MM&M

6/22 First Gene Editing Experiment in Humans Planned
Sean Parker finds a big role to play in cancer R&D: The disruptive billionaire .... Parker is bankrolling a surprise move by Penn's legendary Carl June and some of his colleagues to do the first gene editing experiment in humans using CRISPR-Cas9, a new technology that has been heralded as a simple, effective tool for slicing and dicing DNA .... Endpts

6/22 High Court Decision Weakens Patent Power
Supreme Court decision a win for generic-drug makers fighting patents .... PhRMA said in cases before the patent board that used the broader standard (which the decision upheld), 87% of final decisions found at least some claims unpatentable. In federal court, where the narrower standard is used, those challenging patents' validity won 42% of the time .... Modern Healthcare

6/22 Back to Square One on Random Suffixes for Biosimilars
FDA Withdraws Document Calling on Biosimilar Developers to Submit 10 Random Suffixes .... The document, (which is now withdrawn), suggested a shift in FDA's proposal on biologic and biosimilar naming as it altered the number of random suffixes proposed by developers (from three to 10) and also asked the companies to list them in their order of preference, which called into question the randomness of the suffixes. .... Regulatory Focus

6/22 Rayaldee Gets FDA OK
FDA Approves Rayaldee (Extended-Release Calcifediol) to Treat Hyperparathyroidism in Chronic Kidney Disease .... Results from two 26-week, phase 3, placebo-controlled, double-blind trials demonstrated that a larger proportion of stage-3 or stage-4 CKD patients with secondary hyperparathyroidism and vitamin D insufficiency achieved reductions of 30% or greater in plasma-intact parathyroid hormone when treated with Rayaldee than with placebo .... PTCommunity

6/22 Internet Drug News Fast Takes:
Visium's Valvani Found Dead in Apparent Suicide Amid Charges
U.S. News names the nation's 'Best Children's Hospitals'
Advisory Board Daily Briefing
Breast cancer growth is halted by osteoporosis drug, study finds
Science Alert
Soy supplements, herbal remedies may reduce hot flashes
Long-term opioids may not be best pain management option for all sickle cell patients
Medical Xpress

Fast Takes
Biotech Stocks Tumble in Longest Selloff in Two Decades
Valeant CEO blames salesforce turnover for disappointing Xifaxan sales
Hospital Pharmacist Association Lashes Out Against DTC
Fierce Pharma
Pharma rep pay scrapes the bottom of the medical sales barrel
Fierce Pharma

6/21 NOT GUILTY: Former Warner Chilcott Exec Prevails In Kickback Case
- Case went to the jury, jury ruled in his favor
Ex-Warner exec found not guilty in kickbacks trial, but the 'Yates memo' lives on … payments to doctors aren't bribes, but efforts to build relationships and goodwill with doctors. And that's not a violation of the Anti-Kickback Statute …[Fierce Pharma]
Former drug company executive is acquitted of hatching a kickback scheme … setback for the federal government, which has recently begun a new effort to hold high-ranking executives at drug makers …[Pharmalot]

JAMA: Inexpensive Meals Drive Demand For Brand Name Drugs
- Another example of cherry picked data producing a foregone conclusion
Doctors who accepted meals from drug makers prescribed more of their pill …  this study cherry-picks physician prescribing data for a subset of medicines to advance a false narrative … JAMA study cited an older policy that meals up to $100 are permitted … [Pharmalot]

Study: PAs, NPs Order Just As Many Wasteful Tests As Real Docs
Nurse Practitioners, PAs No More Wasteful Than Physicians … equivalent amount of low value care where the risk of harm is greater than the benefit … dispels commonly held beliefs among physicians that "advanced-practice clinicians" provide lesser quality care …[Forbes]

Glaxo Triple Therapy Breathing Aerosol Trumps Symbicort
GlaxoSmithKline COPD Triple Combination Study Shows Improved Lung Function Vs Rival … improved lung function and health-related quality of life in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, compared with rival treatment Symbicort(R) Turbohaler(R) … [DirectorsTalk]

6/20 Fast Takes
Biogen targets Cambridge plant, up to 285 jobs at risk
Fierce Pharma
Lawmakers look to prevent drug makers from thwarting generic competition

Former FDA Official, 3 Others Charged In Insider Trading Probe
- Crooks pocketed  tens of millions in dirty profits
Former FDA official charged with securities fraud for tipping off hedge fund  paid Johnston a $3,000 monthly retainer, which was later increased to $4,000 per month, and then in 2010, was boosted to $5,000 per month  … [Pharmalot]

Novartis Boasts Its Biosim Powerhouse Plans
- $44 Billion in sales up for grabs by biosim candidates
Novartis aims to nearly triple biosimilar drugs on market by 2020 … eight biosimilars, compared with three now …  Humira, Amgen's Enbrel and Neulasta, Johnson & Johnson's Remicade and Roche's Rituxan would arrive in pharmacies over the next four years, barring stumbles …[Reuters]

Novo: Wall Street Underwhelmed By Victoza Cardio Benefits
Victoza benefits pale in comparison to Jardiance; Novo shares doem 8%
Why This Pharma Giant Lost $8 Billion in Market Cap This Week … Jardiance, has been shown to cut overall deaths in diabetes patients by a striking 32% and cardiovascular-related deaths by 38% compared to placebo … [Fortune]

Drug Companies Have 7 Super Bug Antibiotics In Pipeline
- Government sponsored incentives seen working
New Drugs in Testing to Combat 'Superbugs' … Federal-government financial incentives to drug companies have helped lead to at least seven late-stage antibiotics that may fight bacteria prone to turning into dangerous "superbugs …[WSJ]

Lilly's Older Drugs Face More Price Pressure Than Newer Ones
Lilly's Older Drugs Face More Price Pressure Than Newer Ones … customers are willing to pay up for the most innovative treatments even as the industry faces pushback on price increases on older therapies …[Bloomberg]

Pharmaceutical Sales Named One Of 10 Best Paying Starting Salary Jobs
Top 10 Entry Level Jobs with the Best Salaries in 2016 … 6. Pharmaceutical Representative Starting Salary - $55,000 … Major perks of this job include regular bonuses, typically a company car and plenty of free business dinners … integral part of the health-care system, and often find the need to share new drugs with physicians …[Gazette Review]

6/17 Biotech Reps Top Pay Scales
Pharma reps lowest earners in medical sales -- survey .... Those selling pharmaceuticals had a higher base pay than some -- almost $91,000 on average -- but with bonuses, total salary was just over $122,000 .... Pharma Phorum

6/17 Details on MedPAC's Drug Price Proposals
A new Medicare plan to hold drug-cost line .... The most intriguing new idea is consolidating individual billing codes for drugs "with similar health effects", a recognition that many diseases are now treated with several agents from the same class that have similar benefits .... EP vantage

6/17 Trial Stopped in First-Line Keytruda for Lung Cancer to Allow Control Arm to Switch
Merck's Keytruda prolongs life in big lung-cancer study .... An independent data monitoring board recommended that the late-stage trial be stopped due to the favorable results.... thereby allowing patients who were taking chemotherapy to switch over to the company's treatment .... Reuters

6/17 Hail Mary on Crestor Exclusivity
Astrazeneca Petitions To Protect Crestor Franchise .... AstraZeneca wants the FDA to wait until 2023 to approve generics of its cholesterol treatment Crestor, and says an exclusivity period for a rare disease indication bars approval until then .... Bloomberg BNA

6/17 Contract-Physician Companies to Merge
Envision to Merge With AmSurg to Create Health Services Giant .... The tax-free transaction will create one of the largest U.S. providers of physicians in specialties including emergency, anesthesia, radiology and children's services .... Bloomberg

6/17 Plans Like Pharma Pay-for-Performance Deals
Health Plans Are Interested in Tying Drug Payments to Patient Outcomes .... In a 2015 survey conducted by Avalere, 63 percent of health plans expressed high or very high interest in entering into outcomes-based contracts with drug manufacturers for Hepatitis C therapies. For oncology, 53 percent of plans expressed high or very high interest. Plans also expressed interest in outcomes-based contracts for rheumatoid arthritis (41%) and multiple sclerosis (35%) .... Avalere Health Report

6/17 Blood-Brain Barrier Breached
Ultrasound Opens the Brain to Promising Drugs .... Alexandre Carpentier, a neurosurgeon at the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital in Paris, used ultrasound to open the blood-brain barrier in patients with recurrent glioblastoma, the most common and deadly tumor originating in the adult brain—allowing for delivery of chemotherapy .... Technology Review

6/17 Pharma Execs Lean Clinton
Clinton Outpaces Rivals in Drug Company Donations .... Clinton's campaign took nearly $240,000 from employees of the industry between its launch and the end of April, compared with just under $168,000 for all of the Republicans together, including around $1,700 for presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump .... NY Times

6/17 Some Diabetes Meds Get New Kidney Warning
FDA beefs up warnings on J&J, AZ SGLT2 meds, leaving Lilly and BI the happy exception .... The FDA is strengthening its kidney injury warning on Johnson & Johnson's Invokana and AstraZeneca's Farxiga--which may mean a boost for Eli Lilly and Boehringer Ingelheim's Jardiance, the only other med in the SGLT2 class of diabetes drugs. .... Fierce Pharma

6/17 Order of Battle for Prostate Cancer
Fighting prostate cancer: Treatments evolve, from robotic surgery to hormonal therapy .... Part of the research entails examining if life-prolonging drugs can become curative if given to more recently diagnosed patients, or seeing if targeted therapies can be given to turn off certain proteins in a tumor and stop cancer cells from growing, even if the testosterone levels are normal ....

6/17 Internet Drug News Fast Takes:
Pharm Exec's Top 50 Companies 2016
Women's Long Work Hours Linked to Alarming Rise in Cancer, Heart Disease
Health agency reports U.S. babies with Zika-related birth defects
Pfizer Breaks Ground On New Biologics Clinical Manufacturing Facility In Andover, Massachusetts
Business Wire
Will Genetic Advances Make Sex Obsolete?
Prices for Care Rise Significantly As Multi-Hospital Systems Emerge
HealthDay News

6/16 Medicines, Medical Care Reducing Burden of Diabetes
U.S. diabetes patients living longer, more active lives .... Overall, people born later had more years of life and more years of life without being disabled. They also had a later onset of diabetes and spent less time being disabled. .... Reuters

6/16 $32 Million in Insider Trading Profits via FDA Source
Visium's Valvani Charged Over Drug Tips From Inside FDA .... Federal prosecutors said Visium's Sanjay Valvani had a source of information few others could boast of. Valvani got tips on generic drugs from a consultant he hired who duped an ex-colleague at the Food and Drug Administration to leak sensitive information .... Bloomberg

6/16 ADHD Med Sales Up 50%; 'Lifestyle' Use is Suspected
American workers are a bunch of drug users .... A study by prescription-drug manager Express scripts found the use of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) medications such as Adderall, Vyvanse and Focalin spiked by 53 percent between 2008 and 2012. The uppers earned a reputation as "smart pills" that may improve a person’s short-term ability to learn or understand. .... NY Post

6/16 Insys Reps Arrested
Drug salesmen arrested for paying doctors to prescribe fentanyl .... The salesmen paid two New York-area physicians a total of $259,000 in kickbacks in 2014....Although the complaint doesn't name the physicians, court documents say the doctors wrote a total of more than $6 million in Subsys prescriptions in 2014 -- more than all but a few doctors in the country .... USA Today

6/16 MedPAC Notes Part D Spending Up 60% Since Beginning; Proposes Changes
Advisory Panel Targets Rising Medicare Drug Costs In Its Latest Report To Congress .... The commission recommends an interrelated set of proposals it estimates could save at least $10 billion over five years, partly by encouraging more use of generic drugs and also by creating incentives for insurers to negotiate better prices from drug makers .... Kaiser Health News

6/16 Helping Hand is Steering Business As Well
How drug companies use gifts and internships to buddy up to their most valuable patients .... In a striking new paper published in the journal PLOS Medicine, Philip Kucab (a resident physician and hemophiliac) and colleagues detail the lengths to which drug companies do outreach directly to patients with hemophilia -- gifts, assistance in paying for drugs, internships, college scholarships, apps where they can track their drug infusions and mentors. .... Washington Post

6/16 Darzalex Called Huge Advance in Multiple Myeloma
Darzalex Inherits Mantle As The Harvoni Of 2016 .... The most recent data, presented at the European Hematology Association meeting, show that a combination of Darzalex with Celgene's Revlimid and dexamethasone reduced the risk of disease progression or death by 63% versus to the last two drugs alone in patients who have progressed on at least one line of therapy .... Seeking Alpha

6/16 Return on Research Has Turned the Corner
More clinical trials are succeeding for the first time in years .... Between 2012 and 2014, more than 11 percent of clinical trials succeeded.... This reversed a downward trend seen over the past 20 years .... Stat News/Pharmalot

6/16 Agency Inspired by Humans of New York Series; Produces Brief Patient Stories
Remedy Health Media launches new series: a peek into patients' lives .... Remedy Health recently launched two new initiatives -- Memo to Me and The Big Picture -- in a bid to foster engagement with patients in moments, rather than minutes, and appeal to those who don't have time to consume a multi-layered and multimedia-driven story .... MM&M

6/16 Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra Won't Give You Melanoma
Taking PDE5 inhibitors for erectile dysfunction unlikely to increase risk of skin cancer .... Men who took sildenafil, tadalafil, and vardenafil had only a very slight increase in risk of malignant melanoma compared to a control group, which appeared to be explained by greater exposure to the sun. .... PLOS

6/16 New Bill Would Fight REMS Abuse
Senators take aim at drugmakers that use REMS to block competition .... The CREATES Act would allow generic drugmakers to seek a quick legal solution if a branded manufacturer denies them samples needed to develop their generic versions of a drug or prevents generic competitors from getting into the REMS program .... Fierce Pharma

6/16 Internet Drug News Fast Takes:
Quick amusing quiz:
Which Is It: Prescription Drug or Tolkien Elf?
How Stuff Works
Can coffee cause cancer? Only if it's very hot, says WHO agency
Drug 'search engine' improved
San Diego Union Tribune
Amarin -- Vascepa Gains Protection Until At Least 2020
Seeking Alpha
Aegerion Pharmaceuticals to merge with Canadian drug maker
Boston Globe

6/15 New Approach to Weight Loss: Surgically Implanted Stomach Pump Removes Excess Food
FDA approves stomach-draining obesity treatment .... The AspireAssist system consists of a thin tube implanted in the stomach, connecting to an outside port on the skin of the belly. About 20 minutes after finishing a meal, users connect the port to an external device, which drains some of the recently-consumed food into the toilet. .... AP

6/15 Embargo Blown by Docs on Smartphones
Can a Bunch of Doctors Keep an $8 Billion Secret? Not on Twitter .... The American Diabetes Association let hundreds, if not thousands, of in-person attendees see new data on Novo Nordisk's blockbuster diabetes treatment Victoza more than an hour before its official release to the public and the markets .... Bloomberg
See also:
Heart Benefit of Victoza on Par with Jardiance
Novo Slumps as Study on Victoza's Heart Impact Disappoints .... Novo Nordisk slumped after its diabetes drug Victoza showed a smaller benefit than analysts had expected in reducing the risk of heart attacks, strokes and deaths .... Bloomberg

6/15 Head to Head Review of Weight Loss Drugs
Which Diet Drug Works Best? It May Depend on You .... The drug that showed the most weight loss? One called Qsymia — a combination of an older appetite suppressant called phentermine and an anti-seizure drug called topiramate...75 percent of people taking the drug lost at least 5 percent of their body weight .... NBC News

6/15 Pazdur Says: Too Many 'Me-Too' Drugs, Not Enough Novel Mechanisms
U.S. regulator says too many drugmakers chasing same cancer strategy .... Pazdur: The number of similar drugs in development at the same time is a first in the oncology field, and latecomers to the PD-1 market will likely be relegated to "niche" indications .... Reuters/Yahoo

6/15 39% Risk Reduction of Worsening Kidney Disease with Jardiance
Lilly's Jardiance slows kidney disease progression in diabetics .... Worsening of kidney disease was seen in 12.7 percent of patients taking Jardiance and standard treatments, compared with almost 19 percent in patients taking only standard treatments, which included statins and blood pressure drugs .... Reuters

6/15 What Can Hospitals Do When Drug Prices Skyrocket? Not a Lot
Fast-rising drug prices hit hospitals hard in bottom lines .... Hospitals are capped at how much they can charge payers like Medicare and Medicaid for higher drug costs. In outpatient settings, however, patients absorb the higher costs .... Modern Healthcare

6/15 Courses of Treatment for Common Diseases Vary Widely
A new study of 250 million patients shows medicine is still full of guesswork .... A new analysis of common treatments for diabetes, high blood pressure, and depression has found that at least one in 10 patients received a course of drugs that no other patient with the same condition did. In other words, more than 25 million people were essentially being treated by guesswork .... Quartz

6/15 Talking Take Home Toy Teaches About Diabetes
How a startup is educating kids with diabetes with a teddy bear .... Through the use of animated books and sensors installed using an Android tablet in Sproutel's Jerry the Bear, children can learn more about their condition by acting as caregivers themselves, feeding food to the bear, administering insulin, and monitoring his blood glucose levels .... MM&M

6/15 Pfizer Deals Off IBD Drug
Shire buys bowel drug rights from Pfizer .... PF-00547659, which is designed to treat moderate-to-severe inflammatory bowel disease, has successfully completed mid-stage studies .... Reuters

6/15 Internet Drug News Fast Takes:
Share of physician pay tied to value-based care is increasing—but slowly
Advisory Board Daily Briefing
Whole grain intake tied to longer, healthier life
Opioids increase risk of death when compared to other pain treatments
Medical Xpress
Medicare's Slavitt: MACRA Will Help Doctors, But Input Is Needed
Forbes/Bruce Japsen
Unintended Consequences: FDA Drug Safety Warning Backfires
Low-Dose Aspirin for CV Prevention May Work in Lupus, Too
Medpage Today

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