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Pharmaceutical News Harvest (TM)

1/19 Intermountain Leads 300-Strong Effort to Build Hospital-Owned and Operated Drug Company
Fed Up With Drug Companies, Hospitals Decide to Start Their Own .... A group of large hospital systems plans to create a nonprofit generic drug company to battle shortages and high prices. .... NY Times

1/19 Zytiga Loses Key Patent
Patent setback could sting J&J prostate cancer franchise .... A U.S. administrative court has invalidated a key patent protecting Johnson & Johnson's prostate cancer drug Zytiga, potentially exposing the blockbuster product to generic competition sooner than expected. .... BioPharma Dive

1/19 In What Therapeutic Categories Do Payers Have the Most Leverage?
How to sidestep pricing pain? Lean on cancer, not diabetes or inhalers .... Analysts looked at five years of data on list prices and estimated sales after discounts for more than 160 medications from 22 drugmakers. Payers "have largely maximized their impact in areas such as insulins for diabetes, inhaled respiratory products for asthma/chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and hepatitis C virus" (Seamus Fernandez, Leerink Partners) .... Fierce Pharma

1/19 Adult-Onset A.D.H.D.: Is It Valid, and Is It Driving Broader Use of Adderall and Vyvanse Among Women?
Young Women Are Using A.D.H.D. Drugs in Greater Numbers, C.D.C. Reports .... Between 3 percent and 6 percent of adult women in various age groups got these prescriptions in 2015, the researchers found, compared with 1 percent or less in 2003. The rate rose among women ages 20 to 24, for example, to 5.5 percent in 2015 from 1 percent in 2003 .... NY Times

1/19 Part 2 of Dr. Adam Fein's Series on Rebates
Employers Are Getting More Rebates Than Ever—But Sharing Little With Their Employees .... More than two-thirds of employers use rebate payments to offset overall spending on drug costs. Only 11% use rebates to offset member premiums, an option that spreads the benefit to all employees. .... Drug Channels

1/19 Any Ad That Stirs Up a Storm Has to Counted as a Success
AbbVie's silent IBD awareness ad sparks angry backlash but also draws support .... While some IBD patients were pleased to see the depiction of the real pain and suffering they face, others were upset at the perceived implications that they're somehow bad parents or at the reminder that they're missing out on life .... Fierce Pharma

1/19 When Doctors Are Busiest, By Specialty
Proctologists vs Pediatricians: When Are Doctors Busy? .... Across all specialties, we found that March was the busiest month of the year, followed closely by January and August. Bookings tended to be lower in November and December .... Priceonomics

1/19 FDA's Compounding Blueprint
Compounding: FDA Details Policy Priorities for 2018, Finalizes Guidance .... Gottlieb said the plan will help increase FDA's oversight of compounded drugs while making it easier for certain compounders to transition to becoming registered outsourcing facilities .... Regulatory Focus

1/19 Multiple Chinese Bidders for LifeScan, Animas, and Calibra Medical
Johnson & Johnson is trying to sell its diabetes care business to Chinese buyers for up to $4 billion .... Chinese interest in the J&J unit comes as the market for diabetes care in China is expected to grow rapidly. Almost one in three of the world's diabetes sufferers lives in China .... CNBC

1/19 $500 "Liquid Biopsy" Tests for 8 Cancers at Once; Particularly Accurate at Finding Ovarian Ca
A Cheap and Easy Blood Test Could Catch Cancer Early .... Although the test isn't commercially available yet, it will be used to screen 50,000 retirement-age women with no history of cancer as part of a $50 million, five-year study with the Geisinger Health System in Pennsylvania .... Technology Review

1/19 Internet Drug News Fast Takes:
YouTube announces measures to earn back trust from advertisers and agencies
MIPS would be scrapped—if MedPAC gets its way
Advisory Board Daily Briefing
Amgen Gets FDA Nod to Add ENDEAVOR Data on Kyprolis Label
CVS Health Grows in PBM With Rheumatoid Arthritis Program
The Battle Over Neulasta Biosimilars in the US: What's Coming in 2018
Regulatory Focus

1/18 How Do Plan Sponsors Receive Rebates from Their PBMs?
Employers Are Extracting More of Their Rebate Dollars from PBMs .... More employers are receiving 100% of the rebates negotiated by their PBM. For larger employers in 2017, 100% rebate pass-through was the most common rebate arrangement: 53% received all rebates for traditional drugs. This figure has increased significantly since 2014. .... Drug Channels

1/18 Expecting a Big Price for Juno Buyout
Is Juno worth a $10B-$12B buyout price? Analysts see megabucks deal in the making on reported Celgene talks .... Once a leader in the race to field the first CAR-T, Juno was slammed after its lead drug had to be scrapped following a string of deaths in the pivotal study. But armed with what it had learned in the process, the biotech was well along the way in mounting a comeback .... Endpoints

1/18 Dogged Seven-Year Battle Brings Suppressed Data to Light
Popular morning sickness drug is not effective, new analysis finds .... The clinical trial found that women who took Diclectin reported a reduction in symptoms that were 0.7 points greater than women using a placebo, based on a 13-point scale. That difference, however, fell far short of the company's own threshold for proving the drug was effective .... Toronto Star

1/18 Two Thirds of Doctors are Burned Out, Depressed, or Both
Physician burnout takes a toll on U.S. patients .... Critical care doctors and neurologists had the highest rates of burnout (48 percent), followed by family doctors (47 percent) and ob/gyns and internists (46 percent) .... Reuters

1/18 Finding Trial Participants a Tough Slog for Sponsors
New tactics change clinical trial awareness game .... Despite all the registries, databases, and machine learning .... "physicians probably still generate between 80% and 90% of referrals [for trials]." (Fabio Gratton, cofounder and CEO of CureClick) .... MM&M

1/18 Priority Review for Kymriah for Lymphoma Type
Novartis's Kymriah wins speedy reviews in U.S., Europe .... Kymriah, already approved for treatment of children and young adults with r/r B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), will now get speedy scrutiny by the U.S. FDA for use against relapsed or refractory (r/r) diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) in adults .... Reuters

1/18 Abbvie Has a US Patent Wall Around Humira Til Next Decade, But Biosim Competitors are Lining Up
Sandoz lines up potential third-to-market Humira copy .... Pending regulatory clearance, Sandoz (which is the generics and biosimilars division of Novartis) would become the third pharma company to receive an FDA thumbs-up for a Humira biosimilar, following agency green lights on Amgen's Amjevita in 2016 and Boehringer Ingelheim's Cytelzo last year. .... MM&M

1/18 Pending Law Would Ban Sample Refusal to Generics Makers
Lawmakers weigh measure to fight high drug prices .... The measure, known as the Creating and Restoring Equal Access to Equivalent Samples Act, is intended to prevent branded drug companies from using tactics to delay competition from cheaper generic drugs .... The Hill

1/18 Once-Weekly Hemlibra Expected to Win a Third or More of Hemophilia Market
Shire's latest approval won't save it from Hemlibra .... The Irish drugmaker expects new therapies, such as Hemlibra (emicizumab), to erode about half of its Feiba [anti-inhibitor coagulant complex] franchise by 2022 .... Biopharma Dive

1/18 Pharma Hoping 'Intended Use' Rule Goes Away for Good
FDA Delays Implementing Parts of 'Intended Use' Rule .... Confusion and concerns over portions of a tobacco-related final rule have pushed the FDA to delay implementation of the sections dealing with the types of evidence FDA may consider to determine how a manufacturer intends for its medical product to be used .... Regulatory Focus

Tweet of the Day

1/18 Internet Drug News Fast Takes:
Senate committee advances Azar nomination as health secretary
Walmart Offers Product To Destroy Leftover Opioids, But Critics Say It's Unnecessary
New Japanese Drug Pemafibrate Improves Lipid Profiles in Diabetes
Color-coded drug storage trays may cut medication errors
Medical Xpress
Donald Trump's hair loss drug tied to anger, depression, self-harm and erectile dysfunction
Daily Mail

1/17 FDA Walks Back CRL Promise
FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb just broke a public promise on publishing CRLs — and yes, it matters .... Instead of publishing redacted CRLs, the commissioner now says that he may be willing to publish pieces of some of the rejection notices — provided it serves what the agency deems is a need to provide information relative to public health concerns .... Endpoints News

1/17 Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs Provide New Tools to Fight Opioid Abuse
States require doctors to use prescription drug monitoring systems for patients .... A growing number of states send unsolicited alerts to doctors, pharmacists and law enforcement when a patient starts receiving dangerously high doses of prescription opioids, has been taking opioids for longer than recommended or is taking opioids in combination with other drugs that could cause dangerous interactions .... Washington Post

1/17 Military Gets Option to Push Medical Products to Head of FDA Line
FDA to speed review of medical products for use by military .... The move follows a dispute between the FDA and the defense department over a provision in the annual defense authorization bill that would have allowed the Pentagon to authorize the emergency use of drugs and medical devices that have not been approved by the FDA .... Reuters

1/17 IV Shortage to Ease
FDA expects IV fluid shortage to improve in coming weeks, months .... FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said that the FDA has approved IV saline products from more companies, which is expected to boost U.S. supply. He said the tight supply of saline products had been exacerbated by increased demand as a result of a worse-than-normal flu season .... Reuters

1/17 Facebook to Put Family and Friends Back on Top
What Facebook's news feed changes mean for brands and publishers .... The changes Facebook is rolling out to combat this will mean that users will start to see less public content such as posts from businesses, brands and media. The platform claims that the content users see will be the material that "encourages meaningful interactions between people" .... MM&M

1/17 Amazon Want-Ad Teases Health Care Plans
Amazon is hiring a health privacy expert for 'new initiative' .... The company is looking for a professional who can "own and operate" the security and compliance aspects of a new initiative. The person will also ensure that it meets HIPAA business associate agreement requirements, meaning Amazon intends to work with outside partners that manage personal health information .... CNBC

1/17 Keytruda Extends OS in NSCLC
Keytruda aces another lung cancer study .... The Keytruda/Alimta/chemo combination produced "significantly longer" overall survival and progression-free survival in NSCLC than the Alimta/chemo regimen alone .... Biopharma Dive

1/17 Takeover Talk for CAR T Company
Celgene in talks to buy Juno Therapeutics .... Juno does not yet have any FDA approvals for its CAR T drugs, but it released promising data from early trials for a blood cancer treatment in November .... Reuters

1/17 Novartis Touts Psoriasis Results
Novartis' Cosentyx Beats Johnson & Johnson's Stelara in Head-to-Head Trial .... 66.5% and 72.3% of patients treated with Cosentyx (p < 0.0001) achieved both co-primary endpoints PASI 90 and IGA mod 2011 0/1, respectively, compared to 47.9% and 55.4% of patients, respectively, treated with Stelara (p < 0.0001) .... Company news release/Biospace

1/17 Ubenimex Development for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension to End; Continued Research as Lymphedema Treatment
Eiger Bio's Hypertension Drug Flunks Phase 2 Trial .... In the announcement of the Phase 2 results, the company said patients given the drug showed no improvement on a measure of blood flow, the main goal of the 45-patient study. The drug also failed to meet the trial's secondary goal of increasing distance walked during a six-minute period .... xconomy

1/17 Internet Drug News Fast Takes:
Newer weight-reduction surgery effective, but may worsen acid reflux
Walgreens mobile app strikes chord with older shoppers
Chain Drug Review
'Smart Thermometers' Track Flu Season in Real Time
NY Times
FDA Warns Imprimis for False and Misleading Website and Twitter Promotions
Regulatory Focus
The best health care jobs in 2018, according to US News
Advisory Board Daily Briefing

1/16 Fast Takes
Merck's Keytruda nabs new data to rival Bristol-Myers' Opdivo at fending off melanoma's return
Fierce Pharma
Asthma in America Carries $82 Billion Price Tag
Teva fined $22 Million for foreign bribes
Arutz Sheva
Nestle Takes Lead in Bids for Merck's Consumer Unit

1/16 FDA Green Lights Inherited Breast Cancer Indication For Lynparza (Olaparib)
- Patients likely to get extra 3 months of life versus cheemo alone
FDA approves first treatment for breast cancer with a certain inherited genetic mutation … expanded the approved use of Lynparza (olaparib tablets) to include the treatment of patients with certain types of breast cancer that have spread (metastasized) and whose tumors have a specific inherited (germline) genetic mutation … [FDA]

FDA: NO More Giving Kids Opioid Based Antitussives
- Age 18 is the cutoff
FDA acts to protect kids from serious risks of opioid ingredients contained in some prescription cough and cold products …  by revising labeling to limit pediatric use … these products will no longer be indicated for use to treat cough in any pediatric population and will be labeled for use only in adults aged 18 years and older … [FDA]

Flucalypse Sweeps Across USA; Google Invests $27 Million In Universal Flu Vaccine Company
Flu-pocalypse? Why scientists are scrambling to make a 'universal influenza vaccine' … unlike other viruses like measles and polio, where the ethnicity is 98% to 99%, even in a very good year the influenza vaccine is only about 60% effective. And, the projection of how effective it is going to be against the H3N2 this year is about 30% …[Fox]
Related: Google venture arm backs universal flu vaccine company … new vaccine works by using proteins found in the core of the virus rather than those on its surface. Surface proteins stick out like pins from the virus and change all the time, while those in the core are stable … [Reuters]

Tax Reform Expected To Fuel Merger & Acquisition Deals
Big pharma is getting ready to spend tax reform dollars on big deals … frees up cash companies have overseas and lowers the corporate tax rate. … "We'd love to use the cash to buy and partner to expand our pipeline," Eli Lilly chief financial officer Josh Smiley told Business Insider …[]

1/12 Patients Won't Even Start Oral Cancer Meds if Out-of-Pocket is Too High
High Out-of-Pocket Costs May Place Oral Cancer Medications Out of Reach .... Researchers found that 10 percent of patients failed to pick up their prescription when they were required to pay less than $10, but this jumped to 32 percent among those who were charged $100–$500 and to nearly 50 percent among people whose out-of-pocket costs were more than $2,000 .... Penn Medicine

1/12 It's as if an Arson Defendent Doesn't Want Fire Mentioned at the Trial
Ex-Insys employee seeks ban on mentioning 'opioid crisis' at trial .... In Connecticut, prosecutors said defendent Jeffrey Pearlman and sales representatives reporting to him induced medical practitioners to prescribe Subsys by paying them fees to participate in hundreds of speaker programs .... Reuters

1/12 Drug Trial Misconduct at Oxford
Universities accused of unethical 'pick and mix' reporting of drug trial results .... Universities have been accused of undertaking widespread unethical drug trials after The Daily Telegraph revealed Oxford researchers allowed a vaccine to be tested on babies despite doubts about its effectiveness. .... Telegraph

1/12 Bureau of Labor Statistics Predicts Continued Pharmacist Job Growth (But Check a Pharmacy Job Discussion Board Before You Head for School)
2026 Pharmacist Job Outlook Looks Good, Especially for Hospital Pharmacists .... Pharmacist employment in non-retail settings—hospitals, physician offices, outpatient care centers, and home healthcare—will grow much more quickly than employment in outpatient dispensing formats. .... Drug Channels

1/12 The Parkinson's Pipeline
Parkinson's Disease Space Again Under Spotlight This Week .... Acorda’s Inbrija is likely to first hit the market with the FDA expected to respond to the company’s resubmission of new drug application (NDA) in December 2017, within 74 days and also permits a full review in February 2018 .... Zacks

1/12 ESRX Touts Management of Extremely Expensive Therapies
Express Scripts Is Built for the Future of Healthcare, Says CEO Wentworth .... Last week, Express Scripts announced that it had agreed in principle to participate in a new contractual model that would enable payers to spread payments for the $850,000 Luxturna treatment over multiple years .... AJMC

1/12 Low Enthusiasm for Low T Treatments
The FDA still hates low T drugs — experts bat back a pair of contenders .... An FDA advisory panel voted 13 to 6 against recommending an approval for Tlando, an oral drug that was designed to replace the gels that have been available .... Endpoints

1/12 Chart Bundle on Pharma Digital Strategies
Infographic | Docs, payers need pharma to step up .... P&T committee members share what types of content they would like to access on new drugs .... MM&M

1/12 Dupixent Off to Strong Start; Makers Plan 9-Figure Push
Sanofi and Regeneron's Dupixent launch is about to get a cash infusion .... The way Sanofi and Regeneron see it, 1 million severe asthma patients fit the profile for biologics treatment, but only 9% of that number are getting biologic drugs now. That's a big target market for Dupixent to reach .... Fierce Pharma

1/12 2018 FDA To-Do List
FDA Plots Policy Priorities for 2018 .... The priorities include reducing the misuse and abuse of opioids, promoting generic drug and biosimilar competition, creating a total product lifecycle office for medical devices, advancing digital health technologies and strengthening the agency’s workforce .... Regulatory Focus

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1/12 Internet Drug News Fast Takes:
Distrusting China’s medical system, patients turn to U.S. doctors online
LA Times
Spending a Lot on Health Care Is the American Way
Bloomberg View/Tyler Cowen
Keep these cough medicines away from kids, FDA says
NBC News
Health Care Just Became the U.S.'s Largest Employer
The Atlantic
Pharma's Tax-Cut Plans Look Pretty Dull
Bloomberg Businessweek

1/11 Telepsychiatry Reduces Wait for Appointment 20–30%; 85% of Patients Come Back for Follow-Up Visits
Genoa telepsychiatry platform reaches milestone .... In 2017, Genoa's telepsychiatry operations grew from 20 states to 35 states, and its provider base more than doubled from 100 to over 250. The number patients serve also surged from 600 per week to more than 2,500 per week .... Chain Drug Review

1/11 Acorda on the Block
Hard-hit Acorda bows to activist's urging, scouts potential buyers .... It was a rough 2017 for the company, which saw a federal court upturn four of the five patents covering moneymaker Ampyra, a multiple sclerosis product.... Acorda queued up more than 100 layoffs, amounting to 20% of its workforce .... Fierce Pharma

1/11 Your iPhone Might Find Out What's Ailing You Faster than Your Internist
How healthbots can assist patients and HCPs .... Healthbots can potentially reduce the workload of healthcare professionals while providing an engaging experience to patients. They can help focus the patient-doctor conversation by checking initial symptoms and tracking patient history, then provide post-treatment support after the initial interaction .... MM&M

1/11 Payers Hope for Upper Hand on New Cancer Drugs
Price competition to hit oncology next: BioPharma Dive's 2018 predictions .... An influx of "me-too" drugs coupled with a lack of clear differentiation across several key classes could spur fitful price competition .... BioPharma Dive

1/11 Cleaning House
Glaxo CEO Replaced 50 Top Managers in Shakeup to Spur Growth .... Walmsley has said that Glaxo had spread itself too broadly and that there are areas that need to be bolstered to drive the next phase of growth beyond 2020 .... Bloomberg

1/11 Horizon "Sort of Dim" at Valeant
Valeant's 'Significant Seven' Aren't Quite Magnificent .... Sales have fallen year-over-year for the past six quarters and may keep dropping. The company has been able to maintain its 2017 guidance mostly because some generic competition has arrived later than it initially expected .... Bloomberg Gadfly

1/11 High Tech Capsule Acts Like a Pill Sorter in Your Stomach, Dispensing a New Payload Every Day
New drug capsule may allow weekly HIV treatment .... The capsule consists of a star-shaped structure with six arms that can be loaded with drugs, folded inward, and encased in a smooth coating. After the capsule is swallowed, the arms unfold and gradually release their cargo .... MIT News

1/11 "Think About PrEP" TV Ad
'Thinking About Sex?' DC Uses Racy Ad to Promote Anti-HIV Drug .... Health officials hope the provocative campaign will increase awareness of a drug that reduces the risk of HIV by over 90 percent .... NBC Washington (autoplay video)

1/11 Agency Cold Shoulders Citizen Petitions
FDA slaps down Amneal bid to stop Forteo generics .... The FDA rejected a citizen petition from Amneal, which asked the agency to approve Abbreviated New Drug Applications (ANDAs) for Forteo only if the products contained recombinant human parathyroid hormone and weren't created using synthetically derived teriparatide .... BioPharma Dive

1/11 The Case for Buprenorphine for Addiction Treatment
Underused Weapon In the War on Addiction .... Buprenorphine could save thousands more lives than it does — if it weren't for legal barriers, a fear of disruptive patients, and insurance red tape. And it can be prescribed in the primary care physician's office. .... Managed Care

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1/11 Internet Drug News Fast Takes:
The part of aging that people don't talk about — and 5 ways to deal with it
Kaiser Health News/USA Today
Humana's stock drops after downbeat PDP membership outlook
Neutrogena to roll out at-home skin analysis tool
Drug Store News
With ingestible pill, you can track fart development in real time on your phone
Ars Technica
A doctor's wife threatened to expose the opioid ring he ran, so he killed her, officials said.
Washington Post

1/10 HHS Nominee Azar Wants Price Negotiation on Part B; Supports Graham-Cassidy Obamacare Repeal
Trump Health Nominee Backs Some U.S. Bargaining on Drug Prices .... Alex Azar ... would consider implementing some kind of negotiation in Medicare Part B .... [but] dismissed calls from Democrats on the panel to give the government the power to bargain for lower prices in Medicare's larger prescription-drug benefit, known as Part D .... Bloomberg

1/10 Patient Assistance Charity Says Feds Changed the Rules in the Middle of the Game
Drug charity sues U.S. over restrictions on donor communications .... PSI said it had long operated under an advisory opinion issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General that essentially gave it approval to help Medicare patients....[but] the Office of Inspector General in 2017 imposed new guidance requiring it to refrain from engaging in conversations with drugmakers that are donors to obtain information about issues like patient populations and drug costs used to create programs .... Reuters

1/10 Stanford Study Rains on CRISPR Parade
CRISPR hits a snag: Our immune systems may attack the treatment .... Many people have existing immune proteins and cells primed to target the Cas9 proteins included in CRISPR complexes. That means those patients might be immune to CRISPR-based therapies or vulnerable to dangerous side effects .... Stat

1/10 New Players in Health Care Marketing: Consultancies. What They're Good (and Not Good) at Doing
The buyer's guide to pharma, healthcare, and life sciences consultancies .... The tension between firms and consultancies exists, it seems, mostly in the minds of agency execs, many of whom consider consultancies with growing pharma, healthcare, or life sciences practices an existential threat. However, consultancy practice chiefs seem genuinely baffled by that line of thinking .... MM&M

1/10 Lundbeck's Idalopirdine Fails in Alzheimers Studies
Alzheimer's setback as promising drug shows no benefit in clinical trials .... Disappointment as idalopirdine fails at trial to improve cognition and limit decline in patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease .... Guardian

1/10 Frazier Says New Tax Bill Opens Doors to M&A; Pricing Brouhaha Will Fade
Drug pricing pressure isn't likely to get worse: Merck CEO .... Merck's "transparency report" highlighted its yearly increases at a portfolio level. For 2016, the company increased its U.S. prices by 9.6% on average before discounts. Payer negotiations brought the net price hikes to a 5.5% increase on average .... Fierce Pharma
See also: Merck CEO says more of drug rebates should end up with consumers [CNBC]

1/10 Don't Blink or You'll Miss It — 3-Second Video Ads
Can Snapchat's rumored 3-second unskippable ads work for pharma? .... Unbranded ads for conditions that affect those younger age groups—such as hemophilia, multiple sclerosis and HIV—could see success on Snapchat (Doug Weinbrenner, Area 23) .... Fierce Pharma

1/10 Bringing Cash Home
Biotech and pharma firms like the tax law – but not because of their new rates .... The law encourages companies to bring overseas cash back to the U.S., a process known as repatriation. They're required to pay a tax on that money, and pharmaceutical companies have some of the largest stockpiles of overseas cash .... CNBC

1/10 Tough Times at Independent Pharmacies
New Data: Pharmacy Owners' Profits Fall As Industry Competition Rises .... In 2016, we estimate that the average pharmacy owner saw their salary decline by more than 20%, to about $156,000. The number of independent pharmacies and gross margins also are trending downwards .... Drug Channels

1/10 MS Drugs Comparison
Rituximab tops other disease-modifying tx options in MS .... The main reason for discontinuation of injectable DMTs, dimethyl fumarate, and fingolimod was continued disease activity; the main reason for discontinuation of natalizumab was positive John Cunningham virus serology results .... HealthDay

1/10 Red vs Blue, Shire Style
Shire to Break Up Business Into Two Companies .... The split into two divisions would have one focused on treating diseases like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, while the other will focus on complex biologics for rare diseases .... Biospace

1/10 Internet Drug News Fast Takes:
Bluebird to seek approvals for three treatments by end of 2019
JPMing while female: Women share their experiences at biopharma's big gathering
Cher escalates legal feud with Soon-Shiong
New Study Looks at FDA's Use of Social Media to Communicate on Drug Safety
Regulatory Focus

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