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Pharmaceutical News Harvest ™

2/27 Sovaldi Profits Are All Booked Overseas; Gilead Pays About 5% Foreign Taxes
Gilead Avoids Billions in U.S. Tax on Its $1,000-a-Pill Drug .... The company reported foreign income before taxes of $8.2 billion for 2014, earning more in non-U.S. profits than it recorded in non-U.S. sales .... Bloomberg

2/27 Daclatasvir Combines with Sovaldi to Clear Coinfected in 12 Weeks
Bristol hep C drug helps cure 97 pct of HIV coinfected patients .... Ninety-seven percent of hepatitis C patients also infected with HIV were cured of the liver-destroying virus after 12 weeks of treatment with Bristol-Myers Squibb's daclatasvir and Gilead Sciences' Sovaldi .... Reuters

2/27 Upcoming HBO Special Report on Cancer Reveals Basis for Optimism
What You Should Know Before Watching Vice's Special About Curing Cancer .... There are reasons to be wildly optimistic about the state of cancer research .... Reuters

2/27 Heart Failure Drug Needs to Answer Alzheimer's Fears
Novartis Amends Heart-Drug Trial .... Some doctors question whether LCZ696's ability to inhibit an enzyme that fights sticky plaques in the brain could lead the drug to increase the risk of developing Alzheimer's, if taken on a long-term basis .... $$WSJ

2/27 Declining Sales Brought to CEO's Attention in a Forceful Way
Glaxo Chief Witty's Compensation Cut 46% as Profit Declined .... The pay cut reflects Witty's struggle to halt a slide in U.S. market share for Advair, its top-selling asthma medication, and failure to win over doctors and insurers for products designed to replace it .... Bloomberg

2/27 After Prolonged Efforts, AZN Launches Spinoff
AstraZeneca spinning out its anti-infectives R&D unit in Waltham .... The new company, which hasn't been named yet, will take over the antibiotic pipeline, including the novel gyrase inhibitor AZD0914, currently in Phase II for gonorrhea.... AstraZeneca expects that some of the current employees in the group will run it .... Fierce Biotech

2/27 Drug Coverage at a Breaking Point
The Drug Pipeline Flows Again .... In cancer, "it wasn't that long ago" that the FDA was being asked to approve drugs that shrank tumors in only 10 percent to 15 percent of patients, the FDA's Jenkins says. "Now we are seeing drugs with a 50 to 60 to 70 percent response rate." .... Bloomberg

2/27 Selling to Hospitals and Health Networks
Drugmaker shifts sales model to keep pace with formulary decision making .... Daiichi Sankyo is one of several pharmaceutical companies to employ key account managers who target sales pitches to executives at large hospital systems and independent delivery networks rather than to individual prescribers .... MM&M

2/27 42% of FDA Funding Comes From User Fees
Legislators Want to Exempt Much of FDA's Funding from Future Budget Cuts .... The bill, the FDA Safety Over Sequestration (FDA SOS) Act would specifically exempt FDA's user fees from the effects of future budget sequestration .... Regulatory Focus

2/27 "For single patient use only" Label to Appear on Diabetes Pens
FDA requires warning to prohibit sharing of multi-dose diabetes pens .... The FDA is requiring additional label warnings on multi-dose diabetes pen devices prohibiting the sharing of the injectable medicines to reduce the risk of infections being spread .... Healio

2/27 Internet Drug News Fast Takes:
Why health centers are urging patients out of high-deductible plans
Advisory Board
Major insurers are finally revealing one of health-care's greatest mysteries
Washington Post Wonkblog
PCORI explains how it will release comparative-effectiveness findings
Half a million C. diff infections and 15,000 deaths in 1 year
Medical News Today
Boehringer puts BACE inhibitor trial on hold
Pharma Times

2/26 WebMD Sends Your Health Searches to 34 Other Companies
Looking Up Symptoms Online? These Companies Are Tracking You .... An astonishing number of the pages we visit to learn about private health concerns—confidentially, we assume—are tracking our queries, sending the sensitive data to third party corporations, even shipping the information directly to the same brokers who monitor our credit scores .... Vice

2/26 Avycaz Approved
Actavis' superbug antibiotic gets U.S. approval .... The drug can be used in combination with generic antibiotic metronidazole to treat adults with complicated intra-abdominal infections. As a standalone medication, it is used to treat urinary tract infections .... Reuters

2/26 FDA OKs Toujeo
Sanofi Gains U.S. Approval for Successor to Top-Selling Lantus .... Studies have shown that patients taking Toujeo have fewer drops in blood sugar while asleep than those taking Lantus, an advantage that Paris-based Sanofi is banking on to convince patients and doctors to switch to the new drug .... Bloomberg

2/26 Imbruvica's Launch Trajectory Rivals Avastin's
Cancer Drug Once Bought for $7 Million May Now Fetch $18 Billion .... Imbruvica is an easy-to-use pill that costs around $100,000 a year, avoids certain serious side effects of chemotherapy, and patients can stay on it for long periods of time .... Bloomberg

2/26 GSK's 'Go Heavy' Strategy
GSK to be No. 1 vaccine producer when it completes $25B asset swap with Novartis next week .... As pricing pressures, patent expirations and fewer blockbuster new drugs affect their bottom lines, drug companies have looked to focus more closely on certain therapeutic areas. That's exactly what happened in this asset swap .... Triangle Business Journal

2/26 No 'Reimportation' for Maine
Federal Judge Overturns Maine Prescription Drug Law .... Judge Nancy Torresen of the U.S. District Court, Portland, Maine,, ruled that the law is pre-empted, or superseded, by federal legislation. This means the state didn't have the right to enact such a measure because the federal government has jurisdiction over importation .... WSJ

2/26 Valeant Plans to Cut $500 Million in Costs from Salix
Valeant to keep specialty Salix reps, but it's eyeing primary care for potential cuts .... The FDA is expected to hand down a decision on a new indication for the North Carolina drugmaker's lead product, Xifaxan, in irritable bowel syndrome associated with diarrhea, and ... the success of the Valeant buyout depends on the rollout in that market. .... Fierce Pharma Marketing

2/26 'Doctor-Shopping' Seems to Apply to Antibiotics Also
Competition among physicians and retail clinics drive up antibiotic prescribing rate .... The presence of retail medical clinics, like those found in chain drug and "super" stores, and of urgent care centers increases the prescribing rate, but the effect was different in wealthy versus poor areas .... Johns Hopkins Medicine

2/26 Other Obesity Drugs Have Peaked; Contrave Gaining Ground
Obesity Drugs: Orexigen Gains Market Share at Expense of Arena, Vivus .... Here's a chart depicting the most current obesity drug market share

.... The Street/Adam Feuerstein

2/26 alli Returns to the Shelves
Nonprescription diet pill alli back in stores after recall .... The British drugmaker voluntary recalled the product last March after finding some packages in stores didn't contain real alli, indicating tampering after shipment .... Medical Express

2/26 'Basket Studies' Target Mutations
A Faster Way to Try Many Drugs on Many Cancers .... The studies of this new method, called basket studies because they lump together different kinds of cancer, are revolutionary, much smaller than the usual studies, and without control groups of patients who for comparison’s sake receive standard treatment .... Johns Hopkins Medicine

2/26 Internet Drug News Fast Takes:
How Your Smartphone Will Radically Change Your Health Care
Huffington Post/Eric J. Topol, MD
Daily tasks predict hospitalization, death for heart failure patients
Sunovion begins late-stage trials of COPD drug to rival Spiriva
Boston Business Journal
FDA to review Teva's abuse deterrent opioid
Pharma Times
10X Genomics Unwraps Its 'Toaster Oven' For Better DNA Sequencing
Forbes/Luke Timmerman

2/25 Ibrance Off to Strong Start
Can Pfizer's new breast cancer med really cruise to $4B and beyond? .... Some physicians say the solid FDA backing, plus impressive progression-free survival stats--20 months, versus about 10 for the current standard of care--are enough to persuade them to pick up Ibrance immediately .... Fierce Pharma Marketing

2/25 $280 Per Year Not Enough to Change Behavior
Cash Payments Fail to Improve H.I.V. Drug Adherence .... Paying patients in the Bronx and in Washington — where infection rates are high among poor blacks and Hispanics — up to $280 a year to take their pills daily improved overall adherence rates very little .... NY Times

2/25 160 Cases of Meningitis B a Year; Pfizer Believes It Has Vaccine
Pfizer Meningitis B Vaccine Meets Safety, Tolerability Goals in Studies .... Meningitis, a life-threatening bacterial disease spread by respiratory secretions, affects about 500 mostly young Americans a year; vaccines already exist for the four other known strains, A, C, Y and W .... WSJ

2/25 Isentress, Sold for $1350/Month in U.S., Made Available Cheaply Overseas
Merck grants free license for pediatric HIV drug .... The deal lets any generic or brand name drug manufacturer make low-cost pediatric versions of Merck's raltegravir for sale in 92 low- and middle-income countries .... AP/Yahoo

2/25 Hep C Price Battle Largely Over, But What Battles Lie Ahead?
Formulary Fireworks .... "The PBMs are going to press us on price right up to the point where [a formulary decision] becomes a PR disaster for them. Nobody will come out of this looking good." (quote from unnamed pharma exec) .... MM&M

2/25 Long-Time Congressional Pharma Critic Ends Up a Lobbyist
Ex-Rep. Henry Waxman lands on K St. .... While Waxman is required by ethics laws not to lobby his colleagues for at least one year, he told Politico that he might consider advocacy once his "cooling off" period expires. .... The Hill

2/25 7% CAGR for Oncology Through This Decade
Global cancer drug market to grow to $111 billion by 2020 .... Researchers expect targeted therapies and immunotherapies to surge by "10% in market share collectively by 2020." .... MM&M

2/25 Depression Leads to Violence — But Take with a Grain of Salt (Scandinavian Observational Study)
Clinically depressed three times more likely to commit violent crime .... When they adjusted for other factors such as previous history of violence, self-harm, psychosis and substance misuse -- all of which increase the risk of violence -- they found a smaller but still increased risk of violent crime among depressed people .... Reuters

2/25 Scientists Get the Axe at Pfizer
Pfizer is once again cutting back R&D staff in reorganization .... The cutbacks at Pfizer follow one of the biggest restructurings in the industry, as the pharma giant carved billions of dollars out of its research budget .... Reuters

2/25 Shire Preparing the Battlefield
Shire, Maker of Binge-Eating Drug Vyvanse, First Marketed the Disease .... The marketing strategy for Vyvanse, like that of Adderall, sheds light on how pharmaceutical companies seek to influence the diagnosis and treatment of a medical condition — in an effort to make billions of dollars in sales — even in the face of concerns about potential dangers of a drug .... NY Times

2/25 Internet Drug News Fast Takes:
State again faults Kaiser Permanente for mental health treatment delays
LA Times
Revel Casino Buyer to Mix Anti-Aging Agenda With Poker
Anthem says hack may affect more than 8.8 million other BCBS members
Centralized Reminder System Could Increase Vaccination Rates
HealthDay News
Watchdog group seeks US ban of antifungal tablets

2/24 Fast Takes
New Study Says Over 2 Million Americans Are Victims Of Medical Identity Theft
Walgreens Was Within Its Rights  to Fire Pharmacist Who Refused To Give Flu Vaccine Over Moral Objections
Legal Intelligencer

Lilly Long Acting Version Of Lispro Hits Delay Over
Liver Toxicity Questions
Lilly peglispro delay may be boon for its biosimilar … putting the drug through additional tests to assess its impact on the liver (it is associated with an uptick in liver enzymes and fat). The move means the company will probably file the drug with the FDA and European authorities after 2016 …[MMM]
Lilly Delays Diabetes Treatment Submission … [WSJ]

Lawsuits: Risperdal Induced Breasts Trial Ends
- JNJ lawyer denies drug caused the lad's boobs to blossom; verdict expected soon;
J&J Hid Risperdal Risks of Boy Breast Development, Jury Told … J&J didn't include that information in any safety label until 2006, when the drug was approved for use in children, even though doctors had been writing off-label prescriptions of the medication for children for at least five years …[Bloomberg]
J&J awaits jury verdict over Risperdal patient's breast development … Janssen's lawyers say the company's warnings were on the up-and-up and that the plaintiffs haven't proven Risperdal caused the young man's breast development …[Fierce Pharma]

2/24 Cramer Bullish On Valeant
The fastest growing major pharma is headed higher … strength of Valeant not only to its earnings, but also to the fact that it excels at making strategic acquisitions. The Bausch & Lomb acquisition in 2013 proved to be profitable, and Valeant's Top 20 global brands are doing very well …[CNBC]

Antibiotics Of Tomorrow Likely To Come From Dirt
The Next Generation of Antibiotics Might Be Right Under Our Feet … waking up to the true potential of microbial biodiversity, which is the greatest part of all biodiversity. … industry is now once again looking for natural products. A critical reason for this change in direction is that bacterial pathogens are evolving resistance not just to single antibiotics but to groups of them … [DDD]
Editor's Note:  21st century technology means scientists csn culture microbes that were previously unculturable.  Teixobactin as an example.  In the old days scientists would take a drug such as a cephlosporin or a macrolide and monkey around with the structure to come up with a so-called new drug.  Now, scientists nee  novel microbes that produce novel bactericidal compounds.  If you get a good antibiotic you can make lots of money from it for a long time..  A good example is vancomycin: it was first isolated in 1953 yet 52 years later it still commands up to $100 per pill. 

French Government Outraged Over New Sanofi CEO Pay Package
- Signing bonus drives Frenchie pols crazy
Sanofi under fire in France over new CEO's pay package … Government spokesman Stephane Le Foll blasted the package for the new boss of France's largest listed company as "incomprehensible" … "Drugs are reimbursed by taxpayers, so it's all of the French people who pay into the health system and reimburse drugs who are going to pay the golden handshake …[Reuters]
New Sanofi chief's €4M signing bonus 'incomprehensible' to French officials … Brandicourt's predecessor? He collected some $9.6 million in 2012, the year he squeaked into FiercePharma's top 20 …[Fierce Pharma]
Editor's Note:  The new CEO's salary is only $1.4 Million; as much as a successful plastic surgeon.  Is you ask me, Sanofi is getting a bargain. 

FDA Overrules Expert Panel Green Lights Multiple Myelome Drug  Farydak (panobinostat)
Novartis blood cancer drug wins U.S. OK after setback …  doubled to 10.6 months the amount of time it took for the disease to progress, compared with standard treatment. But it was associated with a wide array of serious side effects, including severe diarrhea and heart problems, which are prominently listed in a boxed warning …[Reuters]
FDA approves Farydak for treatment of multiple myeloma
… works by inhibiting the activity of enzymes, known as histone deacetylases (HDACs). This process may slow the over-development of plasma cells in multiple myeloma patients or cause these dangerous cells to die …[FDA]

Fast Takes
7 Safe Off-Label Uses For Over-the-Counter Meds
Yahoo Health
Icahn Hedge Fund Seeks Firing of Ariad Pharma CEO Berger
The Street
J&J Hid Risperdal Risks of Boy Breast Development, Jury Told
Actavis Receives Final Approval for Generic Version of Subutex®
Actavis Press Release
5 Tasks for Sanofi's New CEO

Novo Nordisk GLP1 Pill Advances
- Phase 2 data suggests A1C Reduction, Weight Reduction
Novo Nordisk announces positive results for phase 2 trial with oral semaglutide in people with type 2 diabetes …  doses ranging from 2.5 mg to 40 mg ... improvements in HbA1c of 0.7% to 1.9% after 26 weeks … By comparison, people treated with a dose of 1mg subcutaneous semaglutide or placebo achieved improvements of 1.9% and 0.3% …  weight loss of around 6.5 kg …[Novo Nordisk Press Release]
Novo Nordisk has positive trial results for oral diabetes drug, shares jump …  results open the door to another, final phase of trials before potential regulatory approvals … The process could take a year or more to complete …[Reuters]

What Money? Many Docs Haven't Visited the Open Payments Database
What Money? Many Docs Haven't Visited the Open Payments Database … 72% - say they were aware the database exists … only 46% visited the government website … 76% say their participation with industry activities had not changed …[Pharmalot]

Toronto Star Retracts Gardasil Hatchet Job
- Implied horror story anecdotes were scientific data
How the Toronto Star massively botched a story about the HPV vaccine -- and corrected the record  …  The Star cherry-picked damning cases about the vaccine's alleged harms … ignored the reams of independent studies we have involving millions of women around the world that show the vaccine is safe …[VOX]
A note from the publisher … weight of the photographs, video, headlines and anecdotes led many readers to conclude the Star believed its investigation had uncovered a direct connection between a large variety of ailments and the vaccine … article sought to achieve as well as to note that acknowledged risks are not always properly communicated …[Toronto Star]

Valeant Is Said to Agree to Buy Salix for $10.1 Billion
Valeant Is Said to Agree to Buy Salix for $10.1 Billion … Valeant is a serial acquirer, using an advantageous tax structure to make purchases and then slashing research and development costs to boost profits … marks comeback for Valeant, which was thwarted last year in a long-running quest to buy Allergan, the maker of Botox …[Bloomberg]

Forbes Predicts Slow Steady Afrezza Success
Afrezza Will Succeed But Initial Sales Likely To Disappoint … sales reps can only market claims that are proven … Will patients take the initiative to consult with their doctors, or will they wait for their doctors to contact them about Afrezza? …[Forbes]

Sanofi Finally Gets New CEO
Sanofi names CEO, cites 'capabililty to unite teams' … credentials that may prove useful at a time when companies pressured by generic drug competition are becoming either predators or prey …  Frenchman and well connected in France … knows the American market …[Reuters]
Will Olivier Brandicourt Have a Free Hand to Make Changes at Sanofi? … immediate challenge is to right size the diabetes franchise …  no way they can stay at their present size, given that Lantus is about to come off patent … The organization is just moving too slow  … [Pharmalot]

2/20 Olivier Brandicourt Named New CEO of Sanofi
After Shake-Up Last Year, Sanofi Names New Chief .... A physician by training, Mr. Brandicourt has been in the pharmaceutical industry for 28 years, mainly with Warner-Lambert and Pfizer, where he rose to become a senior executive. He was recruited to Bayer only 17 months ago as chief executive of the company’s health care division .... NY Times

2/20 How Do You Pay for a Million-Dollar Treatment?
Paying for gene therapy: are annuities the next big thing? .... Drugmakers contend that a one-time cure, even at a price of more than $1 million, would save money over the long term. But there are concerns that health insurers will balk at covering that kind of upfront cost .... Reuters

2/20 Better Cancer Survival Rates Recently, But Less Improvement for Older People
U.S. cancer survival rates improving .... Men and women ages 50 to 64, who were diagnosed in 2005 to 2009 with a variety of cancer types, were 39 to 68 percent more likely to be alive five years later, compared to people of the same age diagnosed in 1990 to 1994 .... Reuters

2/20 The Story Behind Ibrance
A Biological Quest Leads To A New Kind Of Breast Cancer Drug .... Among women taking the conventional drug, the scientists found that the disease started to progress again after an average of 10 months. The women taking both [an estrogen-blocking drug and Ibrance] went an average of 20 months before their cancer started to progress .... NPR

2/20 Consumer Tips for Managing Your Prescription Plan
3 ways to protect your nest egg from rising drug costs .... At age 65, a woman with poorly managed Type II diabetes will spend an average of $952 annually out-of-pocket under her Medicare Part D drug plan, compared with just $463 for her counterpart who manages her diabetes well .... Marketwatch

2/20 Califf Too Pharma Friendly?
Candidate to Lead FDA Has Close Ties to Big Pharma .... Califf is widely respected in the public and private sectors, but his candidacy is seen by some as a threat to the independence and authority of the FDA, thanks to his views on the need to accelerate change and his deep financial and intellectual ties to the pharmaceutical and medical device industries .... Time

2/20 What We Don't Know About Cholesterol Could Fill a Book
Poll highlights cholesterol knowledge gap .... 21% of Wyoming participants said they were taking cholesterol-controlling medication, but only 8% know their LDL numbers .... MM&M

2/20 What's Driving Down Hospital Prices?
Hospital prices always go up. But this year, they went down .... The price of hospital care fell 0.1 percent between January 2014 and January 2015, Modern Healthcare has reported. When you focus on Medicare prices, the decline gets steeper: prices there fell 2.9 percent over the same time period. .... Vox

2/20 Bloom Syndrome Test Gets FDA Nod
FDA approves 23andMe's genetic screening test for rare disorder .... The current approval is for a much narrower slice of the genetic testing market [than the company's previous genome service] .... Reuters

2/20 Long Hours Linked to Higher Divorce Rate For Female Physicians
Doctors, Pharmacists Least Likely Health Pros to Divorce .... Those who said they'd been divorced included 23 percent of pharmacists, 24 percent of doctors, 25 percent of dentists, 31 percent of health care executives, and 33 percent of nurses. .... Health Day News

2/20 More on the Macular Degeneration Trial
Regeneron Beats Genentech In Rare Face Off Over Diabetes-Related Vision Loss .... Neither company paid for the study or controlled its design, but Regeneron was able to walk away declaring victory. .... Forbes/Luke Timmerman

2/20 Internet Drug News Fast Takes:
Residents want to sue Roche before it gives up New Jersey campus
Fierce Pharma
FDA Outlines Plan for Expected $10M Under President's Precision Medicine Plan
Genome Web
FDA grants priority review to cobimetinib combined with Zelboraf for advanced melanoma
Want Actavis? Prepare to pay up, CEO says
Fierce Pharma
Key Malaria Drug Is Losing Efficacy
NY Times

2/19 Revlimid Gets First-Line Indication for Multiple Myeloma
FDA approves new use for Celgene's cancer drug Revlimid .... The FDA's action means Celgene can market Revlimid, in combination with a different drug, dexamethasone, as a treatment for all multiple myeloma patients and helps validate the company's premise that treating patients earlier and for a longer period of time increases progression-free survival .... Reuters

2/19 Head-to-Head Comparison of Drugs for Diabetic Eye Disease
3 Drugs for an Eye Disease, With Big Price Gaps, Are Found to Be Equals .... After one year, those randomly chosen to be treated with Eylea had an average improvement of 13.3 letters on an eye chart, compared with 11.2 letters for Lucentis and 9.7 for Avastin. .... NY Times

2/19 Re-Doing the Numbers on PCSK9 Inhibitors
No, The New Cholesterol Drugs From Sanofi And Amgen Aren't Going To Cost $150 Billion A Year .... My guess is that these drugs will only be moderately successful, at least at first, until the results of the outcomes studies become known, perhaps in 2018. A big win in these trials could indeed mean a huge market for these drugs .... Forbes/Larry Husten

2/19 Spending Gain Back to Pre-Great Recession Levels
U.S. Health-Care Spending Is on the Rise Again .... The jump in health spending for 2014 wasn't unexpected. Millions of Americans have now gained health insurance through the Affordable Care Act exchanges, expanded state Medicaid programs, and jobs created by employers. .... Bloomberg

2/19 Don't Like Your Company Name? Keep Changing It
Actavis to take Allergan name, reflecting brand-drug focus .... Actavis, a generic drugmaker that has been steadily acquiring branded medicines, said it will change its name to Allergan Inc after it completes its planned $66 billion purchase of the Botox maker, signaling its growing focus on patent-protected drugs .... Reuters

2/19 Hot Flashes Go on for 7 Years on Average
Menopause symptoms last years for many women .... Fifty percent of women will experience hot flashes and night sweats characteristic of menopause for about seven years .... Reuters

2/19 Harvoni Takes the Lead
Crown the new drug launch king: Gilead's Harvoni has knocked aside sister med Sovaldi .... Three months post-approval, Sovaldi prescriptions were just a shade above 6,500 per week. Harvoni topped the 7,000-per-week mark in less than three months .... Fierce Pharma Marketing

2/19 Biosimilar for Neupogen Filed
Apotex Announces FDA Has Accepted For Filing its Biosimilar Application for Filgrastim (Grastofil) .... Apotex is the only company to date to have two biosimilar filgrastim applications (pegfilgrastim and filgrastim) currently under active review by FDA. Filgrastim is used to help cancer patients taking chemotherapies fight infections and fever by boosting white blood cell counts .... Company news release

2/19 Truvada Not Being Used for Prevention — Why?
Gilead's Pill Can Stop HIV. So Why Does Almost Nobody Take It? .... Yet out of 3.3 U.S. million prescriptions for Truvada from January 2012 to March 2014, only 3,200 were for prevention .... Bloomberg

2/19 Doc Launches Patient's Crusade Against High Cancer Drug Prices
Fed-up MD Anderson oncologist jumps on social media to fight drug prices .... The doctor wants to collect stories and signatures from 1 million leukemia patients, as part of a social media campaign-cum-lobbying effort .... Fierce Pharma Marketing

2/19 More Risk in the Medicine Cabinet than in the Back Alley
Easier access to prescription drugs puts teens at risk .... Nationally, 17.8% of high school students have used prescription drugs without a prescription in their lifetime and 7% have done so at least ten times. The most common prescription drugs adolescents misuse are narcotics like Vicodin or stimulants like Adderall and Ritalin .... Medical Xpress

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